IMAGINE ONEWORLD is an organization that aims to contribute to world peace and to build a prosperous world.

Message from the Representative Director


IMAGINE ONEWORLD aims to showcase Japanese kimonos, which embody and which are designed in the Japanese spirit of wa, which means harmony. Harmony is the foundation of friendship and goodwill among people. We want to reach beyond borders and beyond racial, religious, and economic differences by promoting the idea of “living peacefully together.” We want to convey this message of harmony among the nations through the beauty and art of the Japanese kimono.

In the KIMONO PROJECT, prominent Japanese kimono craftsmen will create kimonos that expressly reflect a country’s unique culture and characteristics. In the photograph below, six kimono models are shown, each wearing a kimono representing a different country. Their smiling faces and their joining hands symbolizes harmony among the different countries, which are joined as one, despite their differences.

Our goal is to make 196 unique kimonos, each representing a different country participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. By presenting them to the global community, we hope to have as many people empathize with and support our message.

Imagine Oneworld, Inc.

Corporate name Imagine Oneworld, Inc.
  1. To advocate peace and friendship with a message from Japan that “the world can unite together in peace.”
  2. To promote traditional Japanese culture to the world though the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
  3. To re-discover and reaffirm the value of the skills, spirit, and beauty of handicraftmanship that has been handed down through the ages.
  4. To help market Japanese culture and help convert the traditional Japanese handicrafts industry into a growing export industry.
  5. To help revitalize traditional Japanese handicrafts artists through fair competition, and to help create an environment to nurture next generation of traditional Japanese handicrafts artists.  
The board of directors  Representative Director:Yoshimasa Takakura
Director:Kenri Umesaki
Director:Kikumi Takayama
Location 31-9 Chuomachi, Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

3-5 Kanda jinbocho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo Metropolis

Description of the project
  1. We will realize the ideals of IMAGINE ONEWORLD through the KIMONO Project, setting our goal towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games
  2. We will create kimonos and matching obi sashes for each of the participating 196 countries.
  3. We will utilize human resources to gather information for the kimonos’ designs from students studying in Japan, Japanese living overseas, and embassies.
  4. We will hold exhibitions at the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka.
  5. Under the ideal of IMAGINE ONEWORLD, we will work closely together with various genres of traditional industries and art movements to achieve a multi-layered activity.
Scale of  the project Production cost of KIMONO \3hundred million(Kimono \1million+Obi \ half million×196 Countries)
Exhibition cost 50 million
Termof  the project 2014~2020




The show which combines traditional Japanese kimono and music performed with Japanese musical instruments.
The kimono which embody the splendor of each country’s history and culture, were all created by prominent Japanese kimono craftsmen using traditional dyeing and weaving techniques.
The music is performed with Japanese taiko drums, the shakuhachi (bamboo) flute, and piano, all of which blend together to create a truly unique and entertaining show. The song “America,” composed specifically for these shows, will be performed along with other Japanese influenced music to express the message of IMAGINE ONEWORLD.


Nobushi/ Wadaiko (Japanese drums)

Nobushi is a Japanese drum performance group representative of Japan. They have attracted many people with their heart-gripping beat of the drums and their memorable performances.
2008: Performed at a sumo tournament held in Los Angeles.
2009: Performed during the Chinese New Year in Taiwan.
2011: Played at the Taiwan World Drum Festival, and at the Mialoi Lantern Festival.


Kohzan Yamazaki /Shakuhachi (bamboo) flute player

Yamazaki is the grand master of the Tozanryu-chikurinken, a school of shakuhachi.
Yamazaki has performed with various artists from Japan and other countries on TV, radio, recordings, and overseas performances.
In addition to playing traditional shakuhachi music he also performs outside the boundaries of Japanese music.
2001 onwards: Yamazaki has been part of the “Yoshida kyodai” (Yoshida brothers) unit that plays the Tsugaru shamisen. He participated in recordings and toured around Japan and abroad.
2007: Performed with Terumasa Hino,a leading saxophone player, at the Sufukuji Temple Music Festival. The same year Yamazaki also performed at the UNICEF Charity Show held at Carnegie Hall in New York City.


Makiyo Mimura/ Contemporary music artist

Mimura studied under a number of musicians ranging from the piano, music theory, to composition.
She has mainly been performing her own music in a variety of live performances including improvisations, collaborations with other art forms such as paper cutting, and concerts for children.
Mimura also makes chamber music using traditional Japanese instruments, such as the shamisen (a guitar-like instrument) and shakuhachi (bamboo) flute.
As a composer of today, she continues pursuing music of this age as well as performing it.
1991: Performed original scores with the China Central Symphony Orchestra.
1992: Performed original scores with the National Mongolian Orchestra..
2014: Released a new CD “Oru” with feat.kohzan (KohzanYamazaki


Hideki Tsutsumi/ A-HEAD RECORDS

Hideki Tsutsumi is a music and event producer who also works with Victor Music Arts.
He launched A-HEAD RECORDS with Koji Masuda in 2013 in his hometown of Fukuoka as a project to produce visual images and music contents.
In 2014 his company produced the CD “Oru” by Makiyo Mimura.
Tsutsumi is a producer for musicians such as Makiyo Mimura, Kohzan Yamazaki, and Nobushi. His company A-HEAD RECORDS is now collaborating with IMAGINE ONEWORLD KIMONO PROJECT through music and motion graphics.


miss JAPON

Members of miss JAPON are models for the “miss JAPON project” based in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, which aims to help nurture and care for people through their activity specifically wearing kimono.
Each members chosen by an audition every year undergo lessons in wearing the kimono and visit traditional industries at their sites, so that they can grow to represent Japan as people carrying beauty both inside and out.
Their catchphrase is “to become beautiful Japanese who shine abroad.”